Sunday, April 1, 2007


A little something to help people chill. The Church of the Everlasting Groove isn't "All Death Metal, All The Time" or anything.

And just as music is purported to have soothed some kind of large, pissed-off animal, it can also help people relax and, hopefully, help one schmuck in particular get to sleep sometime soon.

After keyboard wiz Kevin Moore left Dream Theater, he went in a completely different musical direction and created...

Chroma Key

You can listen to every song on every album in the "Audio" section, but if you're curious for just a taste, I'd suggest...

"Another Permanent Address" (From "You Go Now")

"Astronaut Down" (From "You Go Now")

"Undertow" (From "Dead Air For Radios")

It's good, good stuff; slightly trippy, often strange, and always groovy. I first heard "Another Permanent Address" a year ago and it's stayed in my "Top Five Favorite Songs Right Now" list since then.

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