Friday, January 19, 2007


I modify this segment with the word "Daily" even though I truly doubt it will be so. More like, "Whenever the Hell I Feel Like It."

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull will, periodically, attempt to dispense a bit of his Funky wisdom and, hopefully, help to enlighten the Funkless Masses.

If some choices and recommendations seem to be, on the surface, completely sans Funk, this is intentional. The Church recognizes many different genres, bands, singers, and various musicians as "Funky," and will not hesitate to bestow Blessings upon a group like our first...

As Fat Back, the Funky Savior Himself, once said, "The best Funk is that which you must hunt" (Letters from St. Rufus, 2:20).

Elysian Fields - "Bend Your Mind" (From the Album "Queen of the Meadow")

Elysian Fields is worthy of Church recognition for several reasons; chief among those reasons is singer Jennifer Charles. If there was ever a female vocalist with a sexier voice, I've never heard her. Even various heterosexual women I know have developed crushes on Charles after hearing Elysian Fields and her side project with Mike Patton and Dan the Automator, Lovage. I just found this song on my computer and I'm very pissed that I've been overlooking it for so long...

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