Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I haven't seen "Hot Fuzz" yet but I love, love, love "Shaun of the Dead." As a fan of both Romero zombie movies (especially "Dawn") and fast-paced British comedy, "Shaun" had a perfect mix of pop-culture references, original humor, and some surprisingly poignant scenes.

If you thought that "Shaun" was the pinnacle of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright connection, though, you are gravely mistaken.

"Spaced," which premiered on England's Channel 4 in '99, was written by and stars Pegg and Jessica Stevenson as Tim and Daisy, a pair of recent acquaintances who must pose as a "professional couple" to rent an affordable and comfortable flat. After they get the flat, they have numerous amusing adventures and incidents with the alcoholic landlady, Marsha, the moody artist, Brian, Daisy's flightly friend, Twist, Tim's military-obsessed mate, Mike, and Colin, the dog.

The cast is brilliant (especially Stevenson's adorable and hilarious "Daisy" and Mark Heap's twitchy, unpredictable "Brian"), the writing is impeccable, and Wright (also the director of "Shaun" and "Hot Fuzz") works his camera more than any other TV show ever filmed.

There are only two seasons (with only seven episodes each) and every episode is so far beyond an American comedy show that it's, frankly, sort of embarrassing.

Every episode is available on DVD (I've already ordered mine) but, if you want to sample the goods, they're available on YouTube as well.

Here is the first episode, for your viewing pleasure. I can't offer enough praise. "Spaced" is, simply, one of the funniest and most amazing shows that you'll ever see.

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