Tuesday, May 1, 2007


The "custom-wedding ceremony" offer still stands but, in our haste to get the word out and emphasize both atheist weddings and humorous weddings, we neglected to mention another type of wedding that we will readily write or conduct.

Same-sex ceremonies. We'll do 'em gladly.

I know the laws on same-sex marriages are completely FUBAR, but we're still on board. Be it legit or just for the principle of the thing, we will, without hesitation, officiate any wedding, be it husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife.

Our motto, thus far, is "Love is the only tradition worth observing." This means that we see no difference in heterosexuals and homosexuals. If you're in love, you want to get married, and you want to have some fun with it, it's fried gold, as far as we're concerned.

So, tell your friends. And while you're telling your friends about crazy weddings, you might as well tell them about the craziest metal band of all time...

GWAR - "Saddam A Go-Go" and "Jack the World" (From "This Toilet Earth")

Since they hail from VA, GWAR is probably my favorite local band. This Double Feature lets them loose on an especially nasty bit of metal/thrash and then some punk/pop.


Dikkii said...


Damn, there's a band that I haven't heard in some time. This is a trip down memory lane for me, Jenner. Gonna have to dig out the old cassettes.

Dikkii said...

Actually, They came out, if memory serves me correctly, as a power-pop band (whose name escapes me) from somewhere in New England that used to dress like French 18th century dandies.

Wish I could remember who they were. They were good too.

Dikkii said...

Came out at the same time as, is what I meant to say.

It wasn't GWAR who used to dress up like French fops.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...


I've tried to find the band you were talking about too, and didn't have much luck. If you ever think of the name, let me know.

They sound... Well, pretty cool. If you're gonna employ a gimmic, it might as well be something funny. And fops playing damn near anything is funny...

Anonymous said...

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