Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Since the Rev. Jenner J. Hull has been listening to more older stuff than newer over the past few days, this will be last installment of the horribly-named "Modern Funk Week."

We're also notoriously fickle. So much so that, the next time you, dear reader, check back, we might be soberly discussing the benefits of a diversified portfolio, offering samples of our latest needlepoint creations, or devoting this entire space to how much we love penguins.

And believe you us, we fucking love penguins.

We can't mention "Modern Funk" without urging you to, if you have not done so, go out immediately and buy a Galactic album. Any one will do, but we're gonna focus on the opening of their '98 release...

Galactic - "Hamp's Hump" and "Love on the Run" (From "Crazyhorse Mongoose")

"New Orleans' own Galactic" are still jamming strong, despite toiling in mainstream obscurity (they should be on the radio all the time) and suffering, like countless others, through Hurricane Katrina.

"Hamp's Hump," the playful, almost cartoony opening track, was the first Galactic song I ever heard and set the hook deep. After hearing the follow-up, "Love on the Run," I knew I had discovered a new favorite band.

As a former horn player, the Rev. Jenner J. Hull automatically respects a band with a good horn section, and Galactic's sax-master, Ben Ellman, is right up there with your Karl Densons and Skeriks. This live version of "Hamp's Hump" (found
here, in the audio/video section) lets him loose...

As for "Love on the Run," well, it just goes to show that Galactic's jam is sweeter than a jar of strawberry preserves. Unfortunately, now that Theryl DeClouet (a.k.a. the Houseman) has left the band, we won't be treated to anymore soulful, throwback vocals.

Here's hoping that the Houseman continues to make good music on his own time and the now-totally-instrumental Galactic comes out with another album. Now would be good.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Big fan of Galactic. A good friend of mine was their sound guy for years.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

"A good friend of mine was their sound guy for years."

Aside from "Man slave to Zooey Deschanel," that's one of most bitching jobs I could imagine.