Monday, February 5, 2007

DAILY DOSE, 02.04.07

Ah, February...

Your Humble Reverend took a trip to his Virginia Church and saw some snow. For a while. Then it melted. It was a few magical, flurry-filled hours, nonetheless.

Some of the Funky Deacons are already bitching about a lack of heavy metal representation on the Church’s official Intertube-Thing. In complete acquiescence to their demands, I give you...

Black Label Society - 13 Years of Grief (From "Stronger Than Death")

Any sort of praise you can give Zakk Wylde is nowhere near enough.

The man is simply an axe-slinging God. Scientific tests conducted by our Resident Funkologist, Presley Gordon Beauregard (D. Fnk.), have proven conclusively that a single hair from the flowing mane of Mr. Zakk Wylde contains more groove than an entire normal human being.

He’s a glorious freak of nature, jumping wantonly from brain-bombing metal maelstroms to heartfelt, piano-driven epic ballads without so much as a cursory warning. The best example of the former persuasion is the above-mentioned Sacred Cut.

After some blistering distortion and drums, Zakk lays into a priceless riff, some perfectly profane lyrics, and a nasty-ass solo section. It’s the kind of song you can play at top volume while sitting at a red light in heavy traffic and seriously creep out or offend several people. It’s not his best track, but it may just be the meanest...

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