Sunday, February 25, 2007

DAILY DOSE, 02.25.07

Nothing much happened today. Saw a big storm and some ducks fighting each other, though...

Opeth - "Deliverance" (From "Deliverance")

I had to invent a word to describe Opeth properly.

Brutaful - (adj.) Used to describe something that is both "brutal" and "beautiful."

One of the strangest of the Swedish heavy metal acts, Opeth is perfectly comfortable with searing metal riffs or sweet, Reniassance-style melodies. They also tend to write long-ass songs, so instead of just pounding on the same riff for a few minutes, they can work several movements, sections, tempo changes, and other musical oddities into a mini-opus.

"Deliverance" is thirteen minutes of pure aural lunacy and features some of Opeth's best and wildest licks. The final three minutes consists of a devious double-guitar section (one heavy guitar and one light guitar) that brings the Cut to a crashing end and is, in my opinion, the nastiest last three minutes of a song ever recorded.

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