Thursday, February 22, 2007

DAILY DOSE, 02.22.07

Wow. It was over 70 degrees here at the beach today, up from the rainy 40's of yesterday. Given the sheer randomness of the weather in the past months, the forecast for tomorrow calls for highs in the 8000's, lows at abolute zero, and a 300% chance of scrap metal raining from the ground.

In sad news, Dennis Johnson, a former All-Star basketball player and an NBA champ with the Boston Celtics, collapsed during a pick-up game*** and died earlier today. He was a great man and an amazing and unselfish player. You were the man, DJ, and you will be missed.

Man, I was all set on talking some smack about intelligent design after reading this post by Kevin Beck over at Doc Bushwell's (Kev slams DaveScot in the comments), but now I'm just bummed out. In these situations, I find it's always better to listen to a happy song...

10cc - "Good Morning Judge" (From "Deceptive Bends")

Just a cool, groovy, and strange track. A little funk, a little smattering of honky-tonk, and a suprisingly nasty guitar line punctuate what might be one of my favorite songs of the '70's. Though it's not quite as cool as "Dreadlock Holiday" (known mostly from the "Snatch" soundtrack), it's by far the best 10cc track and a seminal Sacred Cut. You've gotta love the psychotic optimism of the lyric, "San Quentin is the place to be/I'm so happy I don't want to be free."

***EDIT*** When I first heard the report of DJ's death, I kind of sat there, just shocked. Apparently, while I was thinking, "The guy's just barely fifty," I misunderstood the initial report and somehow threw a "pick-up game" into the mix. Dennis Johnson was actually coaching a developmental team at the time and collapsed after a team practice. Sorry about the screw-up, Funky Monkeys. And sorry, DJ.


Oberon said...

......snatch is great....and....i saw 10cc in i can't remember.....must be ol'timers disease.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...


One of my favorite Shakespearean characters, by the way.

If only I could've seen 10cc in concert.

I was born almost twenty years too late to see any of my favorite bands live. And that's a damn shame.