Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DAILY DOSE, 02.13.07

Your Humble Reverend, having vented sufficiently on bad driving habits, is more than happy to get to the real reason we're here; celebrating all that is Groovy and/or Funky.

We've been on a rock kick recently, so we're gonna be focusing on that for a while, probably. Maybe. OK, we don't really know. Things tend to change often 'round these parts and with what we refer to as "the Quickfast."

Oh, and check out Mr. Deity at www.mrdeity.com or on Youtube (if I ever figure out how to embed links in text, I'll do it). He's trying to land a TV deal and we at the Church wish he, Larry, Jesse, and Lucy the best of luck.

Small children might want to leave the room; it's about to get Funky...

Clutch - "The Incomparable Mr. Flannery" (From "Robot Hive/Exodus")

Clutch has long been one of the hardest-working and most under-appreciated bands in the modern rock scene. If you're looking for one of these milquetoast rock acts like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, or My Chemical Romance, please leave now and never return.

No eye-liner and wannabe-punk posturing from Neil Fallon and boys, just old-fashioned, foot-stomping, fist-pumping, ball-busting hard rock with twinges of soul and metal.

"Mr. Flannery," as the opener to their '06 album, starts off nasty, with a bluesy rock riff and never lets up. Though the lyrics aren't quite as fun as some of the other Cuts ("Circus Maximus" and "Never Be Moved") the sheer brutality of the music should be enough to open up anyone to the Groove...


Jimmer said...

Hey Rev.
I love your site here. This is some really good news to keep up on. Thanks for making my day a bit happier.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Thank you right back, Madame or Sir. We don't necessarily aim to please, but sometimes we hit the mark anyway.

Naomi said...

RevHull, I'd like to help you post your YouTube teevee--it's oh-so-simple, you'll wonder why you thought it was difficult. However, your Blogger "comment gawd" is a tight-ass and won't let me do anything fancy. So you'll have to email me for my assistance.

My name is Naomi (from Gods4Suckers.net). My email addy is: esfilitu@gmail.com

I sure do love your groovy site. And, more than likely, I'm might be old enough to be your mother--so this is not a come-on!

Let's spiff your posts up with links and YT-teevees! Last night, I had to do my own YT searching to find out about Django Reinhart...