Friday, February 16, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen (but especially the Ladies), the Rev. Jenner J. Hull is proud to present a new segment on the Church's Official Online Manifestation.

Your Humble Reverend realizes that people are not born great. Einstein wasn't born one of the most brilliant theoretical thinkers of all time; he had to work to get there. Rosa Parks wasn't born a seminal figure in the Civil Rights movement; she had to make a stand and earn it. Hell, the Pope wasn't even born the Pope; he had to be voted in.

And our greatest and Most Funky musicians and singers are not ready-made on a factory assembly line, ready to Jam right out of the box with no assembly required. They must start small, obscure, and with zero professional credentials before working towards greatness.

So, besides showcasing the Funk Giants, the Church of the Everlasting Groove will make a concerted effort to shed some Funky Light on the little guys and gals, those that toil in the trenches in an effort to bring their hearts, minds, and music to a wider audience.

Our first unsigned gem can be found in the links section under "The Compton Effect."

Greydon Square... an atheist and physics major from Arizona via California. As Your Humble Reverend has previously stated, he's somewhat iffy when it comes to rap and hip-hop but he knows true talent when he hears it.

Setting aside the sheer novelty of being an "atheist rapper," Greydon's lyrics are honest, thoughtful, lucid, and very well-written. Distilling thousands of years of philosophical and theological musings into a three minute track is undoubtedly tough, but Greydon pulls it off with panache to spare. I'm not sure if he writes his own beats, though. If so, then he's just that much better. If not, then it just further proves his good taste.

If I were forced to compare him to another artist, I'd say he reminds me of an early Eminem, back when he was the most innovative and surprising hip-hop act around. He has the same type of effortless, methodical flow which, combined with his obvious intelligence, makes him fucking devious...

And, come on, people! Penn Jillette gave him props! You can't argue with that...

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