Thursday, February 15, 2007

DAILY DOSE, 02.15.07

Since it's, technically, the next day, we're gonna go ahead and lay down some more (rock) Funk for y'all.

Before we do, however, we at the Church want to give a shout-out to insomnia. Without it, we would have never listened to music for hours on end and we would have (Funky Lord forbid it) never heard the Groove.

Joe Satriani - "The Extremist" (From "The Extremist"')

Much as Your Humble Reverend hates the wanton misuse of the word "extreme" in modern popular culture, "The Extremist" is the perfect label for the man known in certain circles as "Satch."

Legend has it that Satch wrote this song for a Gap commercial; something about a biker and a ballerina. He submitted this Sacred Cut as the "biker song" and it was rejected because it was, and we're paraphrasing here, "too hard." Sounds like the end of an "Asian Hooker joke" to me.

Regardless of the Cut's origins, it is a relentlessly hard-rocking song. Satch, like always, shows his versatility by stringing together the perfect base-riff (not to be confused with a bass-riff) with multiple virtuoso solos; if I'm not mistaken, even the harmonica solo is just a distorted guitar. And it's all disgustingly good...

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