Thursday, February 15, 2007

JIVE! #2

With all the brouhaha over the John Edwards/Amanda Marcotte/Melissa McEwan/William Donohue thing still going fairly strong, The Rev. Jenner J. Hull figured that he'd weigh in on the issue and get the second installment of "Jive!" out of the way.

William Donohue

We may reiterate that the Church does not discriminate against any particular religion that isn't ours. Jew, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Catholic, or whatever, we don't care. As long as you recognize the Groove and the Funk (and aren't an ass), everything's copacetic.

So, when we say that Bill Donohue is an astounding piece of shit, we say that without referring to his Catholicism.

And he is an astounding piece of shit. And, due to his constant double-standard act, is either totally ignorant or intentionally and knowingly stupid. He's perfectly fine calling a pair of bloggers bigots and, at the same time, completely overlooks his own history of bad-mouthing Jews, homosexuals, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn't live specifically by his narrow views.

Donohue would like people to think that he's the official mouthpiece of the Catholic Church but the simple fact is that every intelligent, decent Catholic in the country thinks that he's an annoying schmuck with a self-righteous persecution complex.

Basically, he's a controversy whore. Think back to high school; there was always some duplicitous, back-stabbing bitch who'd spill everyone's secrets in an attempt to manufacture drama, presumably for her own personal amusement. Donohue's turned it into a career.

Just because someone may disagree with an official church policy (e.g., contraception) or thinks that Donohue is a pompous douchebag, it doesn't mean they hate all Catholics. And Donohue would realize that if he weren't such a blatant glory-hound.

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