Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Holy pajamas!

Greetings to all those coming in from "Chez Phil". If you're looking for even a fraction of the great content on Bad Astro, prepare for disappointment. We're not scientists; we're crazy people who really love music.

As I mentioned, we're totally on Phil's side. And as for "Rogan holding his own," he did a lot better job in the first segment. The second segment seemed to be entirely about "von Braun is/is not a Nazi" and really had nothing to do with the debate. It was entertaining, though, which is all I really expect from Penn's show (the skepticism and atheism are just sprinkles and chocolate syrup on an already loaded banana split).

So, yeah. We landed on the Moon. Phil's right. Joe's wrong. They're both funny.

And von Braun wasn't really a Nazi. He was actually a sea otter. Don't let the historical revisionists tell you otherwise; they're just a part of the "Vast Otter Conspiracy."

In honor of the occassion, a very predictable Daily Dose...

R.E.M. - "Man on the Moon" (From "Automatic For the People")

Sure, it's mostly about Andy ("Here I come to save the day!") Kaufman, but the title works, so we'll use it. And it's a catchy little song, too.

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